Seem’s Yoseob also has an ab fetish

26 Nov

An ab fetish for Hyunseung’s six pack this time!

On Nov 26th, Yoseob (Beast) was teasing us with a photo of some sexy abs….clearly admiring one of his group members!. He tweeted, “Whose body do you think this belongs to??……hehe” (이 몸은 누구의 몸일까요??…..ㅎㄷㄷㄷ)

Thankfully a few minutes later he tweeted us the answer! …well more to fully confirm who we all knew it was haha.

Yoseob tweeted, “The answer is…” (정답은… ) and uploaded the picture below:

and if you were like me you wudda said OH MY GAAAAAWD!!!!

And if you notice this is not the same image but two………..Yoseob seem’s to have a collect of his members abs *Jelly moment*….Oh so lucky…..lets hope he gives us more photo like this in the future XD

[Source + Photos: Yoseob’s Twitter ]

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