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Bit about me + Update

very sorry about the slow updates you are getting recently…it is hard to balance work, the fun stuff and real life.

I shall try to make the updates more regular (as much as i can).

Hmm some info, My Name is Katie, so yeh female, I’m 22 (and shall forever stay this age), I have dark purple hair and i am a designer from the UK. what else….. I can drive, i am getting my motorbike license (i currently own a Honda CBF125 in red&Black), As i am sure you can see i LOVE abs…unless really why would i be here? I love everything S.Korean and Japanese including the men XD

If only i could fit them all in my bag

of course also including the music, drama’s, films, culture you name it i love it.

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The Winner is clearly abs (UPDATED)

Well all i can say is that design 6!

stole the show! seem’s you ladies all want real abs on your tee, which i fully agree with, so this is the winning design.

Also on the Poll for the price of course you chose the cheapest option (£15 = $24) haha *totally not surprised face* but i have had some comments/emails asking if i can do a range of prices which i honestly don’t mind doing so i have.

Also i shall be using 2 different sites First one is SpreadShirts second option is Cafepress.

These two sites i use anyway. Spreadshirt is slightly more expensive but the print is larger on the tee. I can’t change the design site on cafepress so it’s up to you which you chose to use, i have selected a range of tee’s on each site, but it you want a certain tee (as in the shape or style) which i haven’t posted just comment below and i shall add it XD

Think that about covers everything.

Link to Spreadshirt Tee’s

Cheapest Women’s tee on Spreadshirt = £15 = $24

Cheapest Men’s tee on Spreadshirt = £14 = $23

Link to Cafepress Tee’s

Cheapest Women’s tee on Cafepress = $18.99

Cheapest Men’s tee on Cafepress = $19.99

I have got these to the lowest price i can, i shall also be looking at zazzle for printing to see there prices…if you buy from a certain website and want it off there post a comment below with a link to the site and i shall see what i can do.

Any questions or query’s just comment below XD

Once quite a few have sold i should be holding a comp involving you wearing the tee out and about and the winner shall win some Kpop goodies, i shall post more about this at a later date.

Happy shopping.

UPDATE: A lot have you have emailed saying this site does not ship to you so to get around this i have created a Spreadshirt shop using the US site. So it will print and ship from the US instead of the UK! this also means the pricing is also in $ so no conversion is needed.

The ChocoAb’s designs should be on page 2! I also have Bi Rain tee’s so just click back a few pages XD Thanks guy and i hope this solves the situation.

Happy shopping


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