Bit about me + Update

14 Apr

very sorry about the slow updates you are getting recently…it is hard to balance work, the fun stuff and real life.

I shall try to make the updates more regular (as much as i can).

Hmm some info, My Name is Katie, so yeh female, I’m 22 (and shall forever stay this age), I have dark purple hair and i am a designer from the UK. what else….. I can drive, i am getting my motorbike license (i currently own a Honda CBF125 in red&Black), As i am sure you can see i LOVE abs…unless really why would i be here? I love everything S.Korean and Japanese including the men XD

If only i could fit them all in my bag

of course also including the music, drama’s, films, culture you name it i love it.

I am an official Cloud (Bi Rain fan),

pointless seeing as i live in the UK but why not ay? You can also find me at CloudUSA

so if you’re a fan, pop yourself over there and join in the fun we all have.

Hmmmm Most know Jaejoong is my life..

Yes you oppa!

if you follow me on twitter or my tumblr you would seriously rethink my mental health haha.

In my Time Being a Kpop Fan my first shall i call it encounter? haha well it was a fan meet for Rain in london at the MCM store,

I had to spend £85 buying something to meet him and get his autograph, and this was after already meeting him once he got out his limo and shook everyone’s hand (including mine eeee). he is seriously a GOD  up close, and his hands are like wooooooow perfect! My first Kpop concert was JYJ (JAEJOONG!!!!! duh) in Barcelona in Spain,

i have never been to a concert like it! their voices in real life blew my head right off! i was right at the front and i stood to the right (which is mainly the side Jae goes too) yes i died over and over again that night! I was also lucky enough to go to the United cube concert in London so got to see 4minute, G.Na and BEAST!!!

amazing night!

As i said above i am a designer…who yet still hasn’t managed to get a job in this field…mainly due to they are only looking for managers or experts…to which i am neither but i am not giving up so i tend to try and make some money through selling tee’s and entering design competitions, which does not offer a lot i get around £2 of commission on each tee i sell, so its like snail money lol.

My Shop is HERE

And i do need your help on a competition XD please look HERE to help me

Yes just to point out i am plugging my life to you….

i want to do competitions for ChocoAbs but i can’t unless i actually have some money behind me, So if you help by buying a tee you do get more benefits from this blog XD

I am also doing an Open question round so if you have a question for me post it below! or a request or anything! can be personal….silly or related to this site i don’t mind ask away!

I also have a question regarding the tee’s….so many of you voted and emailed me which leaves me wondering why not many have been sold! is it the sites i am using the currency its in etc…. please tell me why below because if there is an issue i want to sort it out XD

Thanks for all the support you have shown so far…..i shall keep the abs coming XD


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5 responses to “Bit about me + Update

  1. Yolonda

    April 16, 2012 at 4:10 am


  2. Yolonda

    April 16, 2012 at 4:12 am

    And I need you on my LJ more cuz you’re the only one that ever looks at it!! LOL

    Oh and and and………………….*thinks*………….ummmmmmmmmm…………………..OH YEAH!!! CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE ME SHINEE?? AND SHINHWA?? AND HOMIN? AND CNBLUE??!!!

  3. Yolonda

    April 16, 2012 at 4:13 am

    Hey I’m hungry can you get JJ to make me one of his yummy sammiches??? KEKEKE *spamming your blog with nonsense comments*

  4. Yolonda

    April 16, 2012 at 4:16 am

    By the way I DO NOT appreciate you eating my bed!! YOU OWE ME A NEW ONE!!! >___< *BITES YOU*

  5. makiforjyj

    December 26, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    “I love everything S.Korean and Japanese including the men …of course also including the music, drama’s, films, culture you name it i love it.” Same here >__<


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