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Wooyoung flashing…ABS!!!

Well i never yet again its on strong heart! i know get the name O___O you need a bloody strong heart to take all of this sexyness on a VERY regular basis!

So here is wooyoung getting in on the ab action! XD


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Wooyoung ab-ducting fans sanity since time begin

Well i don’t think this really matter’s how or in what order i post it because either way at the end of this post your going to be a drooling horny mess…….all because of this one man….and his godly abs!

Yes bb YES!

this shall be a mix of video, Image and Gif to give your that result of multiple babies

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Wooyoung Is 23, Male, single…..and MINE!

The first teaser for Wooyoung‘s solo album was recently released on 2PM‘s YouTube channel.

Titled “23, Male, Single,” (which if your me your thinking oh i am 22, female and single ohhh OPPA PICK MEEEEEE! 🙂

This oh so sexy album shall be released on July 8th …………oh so soon!

but wait there is indeed more! THE SECOND TEASER!!!!

And if you are like me you would have sat there mouth open thinking oh my fucking god! this is gonna be beyond woogasmic! ….I think this might just be the end of me *DEAD*



in honour of this God <—– OH GOD, i shall follow this post with the Wooyoung ab spam/spazz/flail/inadvertently trying to kill you using Wooyoung’s abs *smirks* …its possible….trust me hehehe

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